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What people are saying

Global Medic Force has captured the gold ring in global health helping to create high-quality, low-cost, sustainable services. It is the stuff of which Nobel prizes are made.

Ambassador Dr. Mark Dybul, MD
Founder & Head PEPFAR Fund

Global Medic Force is the only healthcare social enterprise that we invest in. Global Medic Force actually does what others only claim to do.

Rothschild Capital Trust

Global Medic Force has reshaped the way we should all be thinking about healthcare. A brilliant model that leaves a lasting footprint wherever it has stepped: an immediate impact wherever it lands, leaving top quality medical care for generations to come.

Guy Hart
Global Head Structured Credit
BNP Paribas

Global Medic Force has saved countless lives in the developing world by bringing experienced health care workers to the places where they are needed the most.

Dr. Donn Colby, MD, MPH, FACP
Medical Director
Harvard Medical School (HIVN)

Global Medic Force is the right model to have the maximum impact on a country.

William Haseltine, PhD
President, Haseltine Foundation for Medical Sciences and the Arts

This was the best experience of my life!

Mindy Gollatt, CPNP
Clinical Mentor, Rwanda

I cannot tell you how many Vietnamese lives Global Medic Force volunteers have saved.

Peter Vu Ngoc Son, MD, MPH
Program Officer, Care and Treatment Family Health International (FHI), Vietnam

Global Medic Force is a place where doctors from all around the world cross their national boundaries to help people where they are needed most, regardless of living conditions.

Thao T.P. Nguyen
Director of National Clinic Operations
Long Life Clinics Vietnam

I appreciate Global Medic Force so much!

Dr. Mean Chhi Vun, MD
Director, National Center for HIV, Dermatology and STDs, Cambodia
Deputy Secretary General of Health, Cambodia

The new Mobile Service Unit where we are stationed in South Africa is a much needed addition to communities that have little or no access to healthcare right now. The potential to enhance the lives of the people in these areas is great and the staff of the unit is knowledgeable, hardworking and dedicated.

Dr. Phillip Read and Brian O'Donnell, PA
Clinical Mentors, South Africa

The hospitals I worked at in Ethiopia are some of the most fascinating and exciting places I have seen in my many medical forays into East, Southern and West Africa. The challenges are vast but the potential for saving lives is even greater.

Dr. Bjorn Nilson, MD, MPH
Clinical Mentor, Ethiopia

It has been the most incredible experience of my life. The contribution of Global Medic Force volunteers here is greatly needed. Our knowledge and experience is invaluable and much appreciated.

Dr. Vincent Jarvis, MD
Clinical Mentor, Vietnam

Just wanted to let you know that you sent us jewels of volunteers!

Dr. Tom Heller, MD, MPH
Centers for Disease Control – Cambodia Mission

This was a great experience. I felt very fulfilled and humbled by this experience. I expect that it will have lasting effect on my personal and professional development.

Maple Taplin, RN
Clinical Mentor, Lesotho

Thank you so much for your work and patience during my assignment in Vietnam. You really helped me fulfill a life long wish. My gratitude makes me speechless, which for me is rare.

Professor Dr. Steve Knox, MD
Clinical Mentor, Vietnam

I am so glad you came. If you had not, I would have just continued to make the same mistakes that I have been making without anyone to teach me.

Nurse in Mohales Hoak, Lesotho
Comment made to Global Medic Force Clinical Mentor Robin Bohanan, BSN

The work Global Medic Force is doing is amazing and I believe you understand the best way to help handle the huge HIV/AIDS problem in the world. You have seen the problem and you have found the solution!!

Cindy Cunningham
Village of Hope Uganda

Working with Global Medic Force has been the most positive experience I ever had.

Brianne Fitzgerald, RN, MPH
Clinical Mentor, Cambodia

This has been the most awesome experience in my life! I will never forget this.

Dr. Richard Kaufmann, MD
Clinical Mentor, Cambodia

Dr. Marie Charles and Global Medic Force have found the point of leverage where a small investment has a huge impact on the world's AIDS crisis. By introducing Western expertise on a human, person-to-person basis, Global Medic Force is doing what matters most, namely enabling local healthcare professionals to be in charge of their own patients, a powerful and sustainable solution for generations to come.

William Drayton
Chair and CEO of Ashoka Foundation, the Association of the World's Leading Social Entrepreneurs

Global Medic Force is unique!

Dr. Peter Taback
Director of Communications, American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)

I have been on many humanitarian missions, but Global Medic Force is by far the most rewarding. We are not only clinical mentors for health related issues, but also ambassadors. It is a noble and worthwhile cause.

Jennett Baker, RN
Clinical Mentor, Cambodia

The sensation that I have felt in providing something better for the victims of this world is so incredible – I don't believe that this feeling could ever be "bought" by any amount of money anywhere. Participating in Global Medic Force's program will have a lasting effect on my own future for decades to come.

Dr. Marcio Fonseca, MD
Clinical Mentor, Cambodia

Volunteering with Global Medic Force in Lesotho is one of the best things I have ever done.

Maureen Famiglietti, RN
Clinical Mentor, Lesotho

This trip to Ethiopia has been a moving experience for me. I never thought that I would be so inspired by these people. They were not afraid to ask for our help. They saw us as colleagues, not as people who wanted to impose our Western beliefs on them. They have touched my heart.

Carmel Hippias, CPNP
Clinical Mentor, Ethiopia

I recently went back to visit Thu Duc, the clinic I was mentoring at. They now have 350 patients. My return visit really has confirmed the success and the value of the mentoring.

Dr. Nicholas Medland, MD
Clinical Mentor, Vietnam

For a long time to come I shall reflect on the insights gained on being a clinical mentor in a resource-constrained setting. I discovered a new kind of satisfaction that doesn't stem directly from monetary compensation or academic advancement. Will I return to Ethiopia one day? You bet!!

Michael Mancenido, DO
Clinical Mentor, Ethiopia

I recently went back to visit the clinics I mentored at in Lesotho. Patients were chasing me down in the streets, coming to my door to show me how well they were doing. I didn't recognize most of them except for their eyes because their bodies had regenerated into another (healthier) form!

Julie Ahlrich, BSN, MSN, FNP
Clinical Mentor, Lesotho

I found this to be an informative and challenging experience, not only of saving lives but of creating hope.

Christopher Cirino, DO
Clinical Mentor, Lesotho

I can't even begin to describe what a fantastic time I have had during my mentoring assignment in South Africa. I am so sad at the thought of leaving next week.

Chitra Sharma Babu, MBBS
Clinical Mentor, South Africa

I want to thank you for recommending me for this placement. It is an extraordinary experience.

Michael Richard Kidd, MBBS
Clinical Mentor, South Africa

I got back as much as I gained from this experience. I left with a major appreciation of the nurses in South Africa and a sense of how spoiled we are in the United States! I think any healthcare provider who can should contribute to the training of our colleagues in developing areas. I leave with a sense that I had an impact that will be perpetuated with patients who come into care long after I have left.

Kathleen Wolff, MSN, CRNP, MSW
Clinical Mentor, South Africa

The rapid response to the training and mentoring from the local health workers was wonderful.

Dr. Yuma Moshe
Clinical Mentor, Democratic Republic of Congo

This is a great success story for the Kibuye team!

Dr. Rex Melville, MBBS
Clinical Mentor, Burundi

Working with Global Medic Force for the past 9 nine years has been a transformative experience for me. In this job, I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of amazing healthcare professionals who simply want to share their knowledge and expertise with colleagues in developing counties. Again and again, these clinical mentor volunteers come back from assignments and tell me that it has been the best experience of their lives. I am proud to work for an organization that does not just heal patients in resource-poor countries, but actually gives local health workers the skills that they need to care for their own patients.

Katie Graves-Abe, MIA
Director of Operations Global Medic Force

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