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Frequently asked questions

What will my primary duties be as a Global Medic Force clinical mentor?

Your mission is to train the healthcare workers in the developing world nations that Global Medic Force deploys you to. As a result of this medical rapid skill transfer, they will be able to provide the very best healthcare possible to their own patients within their existing resource limitations.

What is the local impact of my time spent on deployment?

A permanent, highly sustainable, centre of local medical excellence where local healthcare providers know how to provide the best possible care to their patients in any given circumstance.

How long do Global Medic Force clinical mentors deploy for per assignment?

A typical deployment lasts 6 - 12 weeks.

Are my expenses paid while I am on assignment?

Yes, your plane ticket and local living expenses (hotel, accommodation, and transportation) will be covered while you are on assignment with Global Medic Force.

How much professional medical experience do I need to be a Global Medic Force clinical mentor volunteer?

Global Medic Force reviews each application that we receive on an individual basis. As a general rule, you should have a minimum of 3 years direct patient care experience prior to going on any rapid skill transfer assignment with Global Medic Force.

What is the application process?

Initially please fill out and submit the appropriate online application form. Once Global Medic Force has reviewed your application, you will be invited to attend one of our preparatory deployment workshops held in New York, London, Sydney or South Africa for deployment evaluation and appropriate pre-deployment training.

What medical specialities does Global Medic Force recruit?

Global Medic Force actively recruits experienced healthcare professionals in a wide variety of medical specialities including: general medicine, primary care, paediatrics, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, clinic management, operations, emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, pharmacology, and many other fields.

Do Global Medic Force clinical mentors provide direct patient care?

No, Global Medic Force volunteer clinical mentors do not provide patient care directly. Instead, through hands-on, practical coaching, they provide local healthcare workers with the clinical skills and medical knowledge needed to take care of their own patients. In effect, this is rapid skill transfer in medicine.

Which countries could I be deployed to?

Global Medic Force is expanding continuously. Deployments include: Vietnam, Lesotho, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Surinam, South Africa, Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kiribati, Nepal, Nigeria and Congo Brazzaville. Future deployments include: Bolivia, Tanzania, Kenya, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, China, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, etc.

Can I volunteer if I do not speak the native language of the country?

Yes, if you do not speak the native language, a professional translator will be provided.

Will I be deployed to an area without running water or electricity?

As a rule of thumb, every selected clinical mentor is fully informed of the local living conditions prior to being asked to accept any given assignment.

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